Free and unlimited
real-time email tracking.

  • Know exactly when recipients open your emails.
  • Receive real-time desktop alerts when your emails have been opened.
  • Know when recipients click links within your emails.
  • Track the performance of your open-rates, link-click rates, and more.
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With real-time tracking, I can give my prospects a phone call as soon as they’ve
read my email ... which is tremendously helpful for closing deals.
Thanks to MailTag, I’ve increased my sales by over 40% in the last quarter.

Ron, California

Email Scheduling

Make your emails arrive at the perfect time, every time.

  • Perfect for multi-timezone communication.
  • Ideal for scheduling email reminders to yourself.
  • Increase your open-rates by choosing the time your emails are delivered.
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As someone with clients located in many timezones, I find scheduling to
be super helpful for ensuring my emails are received at the best times.

Alejandro, Mexico


Automate your email follow-up process.
Never send another manual email follow-up again.

  • Save time and energy through automation.
  • Improve email reply-rates and increase sales.
  • Customize your automatic follow-ups.
  • And so much more …
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Automating my email follow-ups saves
me so many hours.

This is a must-have technology for all sales and business people.

Sofia, Spain

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