You can read the legal mumbo jumbo for yourself below.

But in-case you were curious, we only communicate with Google servers through the Gmail’s API (OAuth) and never store any data present in your inbox. This makes MailTag more secure than many other email products.

  • 1. The Mailtag company. Personal data filing system.

    1.1. We inform you that your personal data will form part of MailTag's (hereby collectively referred to as “THE MAILTAG COMPANY”) personal data filing system. Such personal data will be processed in order to provide Users with the requested services as well as to send Users, even by electronic means, communications regarding the latest news, products and services of THE MAILTAG COMPANY.

    1.2. If at any time the User wishes to stop receiving these commercial communications, the User must request so by sending an email to

    1.3. The User acknowledges and agrees that THE MAILTAG COMPANY may inform the User’s email contacts of his use of the MailTag extension.

    1.4. The User acknowledges and agrees that THE MAILTAG COMPANY may use localization tools in the provision of its services.

    1.5. The User acknowledges and agrees that the information generated through the services provided to the User by THE MAILTAG COMPANY may be used, being previously anonymized, for analytical and statistical purposes.

  • 2. Rights of access, rectification, deletion, and opposition

    2.1. The User may exercise his rights of access, rectification, opposition or deletion of personal data, by sending an electronic communication to THE MAILTAG COMPANY at: The User must attach proof of identification such as a passport or National ID card.

  • 3. The Mailtag company as a data processor.

    3.1. THE MAILTAG COMPANY shall be deemed the Data Processor of all personal data generated through the MailTag Service (“the Service”) of which it may have access during the provision of the Service in relation to each electronic mail sent by the User (“Accessed Data”) such as the name and surnames of the recipient; the recipient’s email address; subject of the email; date and time in which the email was sent; confirmation that the recipient received the email; confirmation that the recipient has opened the email after it has been received; timestamp of each email opening; the history of the times (number, date and time) the recipient has opened the received email; IP from which the email was opened; browser and operating system used by the recipient who opened the email; number of links included in the email; text and URL of such links; number of clicks made on each of them by the recipient; timestamp of each click on the link; IP from which the link was clicked on and browser and operating system used by the person who has clicked on the link.

    3.2. Accordingly, THE MAILTAG COMPANY warrants to ensure the following:

    (i) THE MAILTAG COMPANY shall not process the Accessed Data for a purpose other than the provision of the Service requested by the User and shall not transfer such data, not even for their storage, to unauthorized parties. (ii) THE MAILTAG COMPANY shall not subcontract third parties for the processing operations of the Accessed Data without the express written consent of the User. In this respect, the User acknowledges and agrees that the Service is hosted by Amazon Web Services, Inc., that the notification e-mails for the Service are sent via email service newsletter providers decided in the company’s sole discretion, and that THE MAILTAG COMPANY uses the services of its hired employees, contractors, consultants, and agents, in order to analyze and improve the Service usage enjoyed by the User; (iii) THE MAILTAG COMPANY shall guarantee the confidentiality of the Accessed Data, even after the termination of its relationship with the User; (iv) THE MAILTAG COMPANY shall implement the appropriate technical and organizational measures aimed at protecting the Accessed Data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, carrying out to that end basic-level security measures. THE MAILTAG COMPANY shall inform its employees involved in the provision of the Service of all the obligations set forth herein. (vi) After the termination of the provision of the Service, THE MAILTAG COMPANY shall destroy from its information systems all of the Accessed Data as well as from any storage device o document in which data may be contained, except for that personal data which THE MAILTAG COMPANY must store during specific periods of time in compliance with applicable legal provisions or while liabilities from its relationship with the User may arise. (vii) THE MAILTAG COMPANY shall comply with any other obligation in accordance with the aforementioned legislation currently in force.

    3.3. In regards to the Accessed Data, the User declares and warrants to be the Data Controller of the personal data filing system. The User shall comply with all the obligations under the applicable data protection regulation. Similarly, the User warrants to have obtained lawfully the recipients’ personal data used to send the email.

    3.4. In the event that the Data Controller of the Accessed Data is a natural or legal person distinct from the User, the User declares and warrants to have obtained the express prior authorization from such persons in order to use the service, or to have been granted power of legal representation from the Data Controller for the purposes of using the Services.

    3.5. The User agrees that the processing of the Accessed Data through the Service serves a legitimate interest of the Data Controller.

    3.6. The User shall indemnify and hold harmless THE MAILTAG COMPANY from and against any and all fines, sentence or sanctions arising from a previous breach by the User of any of the obligations set forth herein.

    3.7. The User acknowledges and agrees that the use of the Service is of his own free and exclusive decision. THE MAILTAG COMPANY shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from the collection and the processing of the recipients’ personal data as result of the Service.

  • 4. Security measures.

    4.1. THE MAILTAG COMPANY shall process all personal data in the strictest confidentiality and implement the appropriate technical and organizational measures as required by applicable law.

    4.2. The User of the Service must keep an effective access control of his computer and/or mobile device as well of the email management software. Such access control must be based on a password or similar system that identifies the User unambiguously and uniquely.

    4.3. The User must have an active access control as described above while using the Service.

  • 5. Exclusion of the mailtag service.

    5.1. The recipient of an email sent by the User of the Service may be excluded of the monitoring conducted by the User if the recipient selects the checkbox “Opt-out” available on the “User Privacy" section.

    5.2. Due to technical limitations, the only way to exclude the recipient of the Service is by us to install a cookie on the website Therefore, in case the recipient proceeds to delete cookies from his browser, the recipient will be included once again in the Service.

    5.3. The aforementioned cookie will only work on the browser used by the recipient to select the exclusion. Therefore, in the event of using a different browser, the recipient will have to carry out the exclusion process on such browser.